Nikki Hulstein is born in Holland and grew up with Furniture as the family had a furniture workshop behind the house. The love for natural materials like rattan was born, and she shares with her father who is 6th generations in furniture.
When she was just 18 she did her internship with an influential fashion designer Patricia Bos in Bali who designs and makes clothes and bag’s  for the upper class.Here she learned how to play with materials and think outside the box and have guts in design. When she started in fashion it was first bags, later added home fashion such as cushions and baskets.The Furniture DNA is in her roots so she started with some fair made furniture with only natural materials.


House of Sakk is born from a passion for traveling and he fascination for wonderful cultures.We are always looking for the best quality of leather, suede and locally hand-woven fabrics. Our products are knowable by lovely braids & charming details.
Natural materials, Hand made in a fair way, supporting local communities to ensure children can play and the parents can work in local workshops in a free lance way is one of the goals House of Sakk has.On the other side the brand stands for bringing comfort and style into their users life ,the natural long lasting charm it brings is unique and one of the basics for the future.